Market access

ayush: India seeks access to UK market for Ayush and medicines

India has called for better market access for Ayush products and medicines, and mutual recognition of UK educational credentials in the trade deal the two nations are negotiating.

Sources said that apart from Ayush, Medicine, IT, Textiles and Yoga (AMITY), New Delhi has been pushing for transparent and fair short-term visa rules for professional services . “We have made good progress in negotiations so far and the industry is optimistic about the deal,” an official said.

Easier access to visas for Indian students and skilled workers is New Delhi’s long-standing demand in the UK. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is on a two-day visit to India, reportedly said he had “always been in favor of talented people coming to this country”. Johnson will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. “We don’t want the visa floodgates to open, but we want a transparent set of rules for visa assessment so that commercial contracts don’t suffer,” the official said.

The two sides launched negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement in January covering various areas, including goods, services and investment, and set a year-end deadline for concluding the pact. The third round of talks is due to be held in India next week.