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BetMGM takes first step outside continental US with Puerto Rico market access deal

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BetMGM is preparing to expand its retail and mobile sports betting reach beyond the Americas through a market access partnership with Casino del Mar at La Concha Resort at Porto Rico.

As part of the deal and subject to regulatory approvals, the operator will offer both retail and mobile sports betting, with the opening of a retail bookie in the resort town of San Juan and the launch of the BetMGM mobile application in Puerto Rico.

BetMGM and La Concha Resort plan to offer sports betting capabilities early on in the regulated market in Puerto Rico.

Jean Paulson, President, Paulson & Co, the owner of La Concha Resort, said: “Paulson & Co is always looking for innovation in services and entertainment for our properties and our customers, which is why we are very pleased with this agreement between the Casino del Mar at La Concha Resort and BetMGM. .

“Sport is a part of everyday life in Puerto Rico, with a huge following and a passionate fan base in almost every sport. As such, it is only natural that we are the first market outside of the continental United States in which our clients will be able to place bets with BetMGM. We look forward to a long and successful business with BetMGM. ”

Sigfrido De Jesús, Managing Director of Casino del Mar in La Concha, said: “At Casino del Mar in La Concha Resort we strive every day to provide the best gaming experience on the island and this new venture alongside BetMGM is one of them. a great example.

“Sports fans in Puerto Rico will now add excitement to their hobby with the opportunity to win more than just a game of their favorite team. BetMGM is the perfect addition to our cutting edge gaming offerings with high tech slots and card tables available 24/7 at our casino.

CEO of BetMGM Adam greenblatt commented, “This marks an important milestone for BetMGM as we share plans to bring our sports betting platform outside of the US for the first time. La Concha Resort is a perfect partner, and together we look forward to bringing BetMGM’s retail and mobile sports betting experiences to sports fans across Puerto Rico.

Orlando A Rivera Carrion, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission, added: “The government of Puerto Rico welcomes this partnership for the economic development of our island.

“This new project will promote and encourage the growth of the gaming industry in Puerto Rico, while implementing a public policy that encourages the development of new jobs and maximizes the revenues and resources of the government of Puerto Rico. I have confidence in the success of this partnership and reiterate my total commitment to this initiative.

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