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Grains Industry Market Access Forum Now Part of Grains Australia | Queensland Country Life

The CRITICAL trade and market access organization, the Grains Industry Market Access Forum (GIMAF), will now report to the industry body, Grains Australia.

The Boards of Directors of both organizations have decided that GIMAF’s membership in Grains Australia, the body dedicated to general grain industry issues, is the best way to maximize the value of GIMAF.

GIMAF was an organization dedicated to providing market access for Australian grains in various countries around the world.

He was instrumental in resolving technical issues and reopening markets, such as the return of Australian canola to the Chinese market after China stopped buying our product due to blackleg concerns.

Grains Australia Managing Director Jonathan Wilson said the takeover of GIMAF will proceed seamlessly, with current GIMAF Executive Director Tony Russell ready to continue in this role.

Mr Wilson said integrating GIMAF into the Grains Australia group was a key priority during Grains Australia’s planning work, with everyone involved in the creation of Grains Australia seeing trade and market access as an area critical for industry.

“The importance of facilitating trade and market access is well recognized and supported by the entire grain industry, with the strong desire to improve these activities being a motivating factor in the creation of Grains Australia”, Wilson said.

He paid tribute to the GIMAF Board of Directors for having decided to become under the Grains Australia banner.

Former GIMAF President Barry Large described the move to Grains Australia as a big step.

“Grains Australia is an exciting creation, something we have been working on for years, and I am strongly in favor of streamlining our industry,” said Mr Large.

“Since its inception in 2011, GIMAF has come a long way, pursuing market access issues with Australian and international governments,” he said.

“I anticipate that the additional resources that Grains Australia will devote to trade and market access activities will only strengthen the industry’s single voice with government on these issues,” he said.

The story of GIMAF, now under the umbrella of Grains Australia, first appeared on Farm Online.

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