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Liquid Handling Systems Market 2022-2028: Analysis, Estimate, Market Dynamics, Key Vendors, Production and Scope

Liquid Handling Systems Market

Liquid handling systems range from simple volumetric pipettes to robot-assisted liquid handling workstations integrated with cloud-based software

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Automated liquid handling methods are versatile instruments developed to accomplish many tasks in laboratories that automatically contain samples of combining, melting, and sampling fluids. The automated method of liquid handling promotes the removal of sample contamination and decreases the manual labor of lab personnel performing multiple lab tasks. These workstations can estimate samples, count reagents, and confirm fluid accumulation for bioassays in a consistent routine. Fluid handling workstations vary in the breadth of samples that can be controlled and are open with an assortment of software combined to maintain the impression of the tasks performed by these devices.

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Leading companies in the market are showcasing portable and user-friendly fluid handling workstations that can be used in remote and mid-level laboratory units to sustain the competitive market. Hamilton Robotics introduced the NIMBUS PCR workstation in January 2014 at the Society for Laboratory Automation & Screening annual conference. It is a reasonable and compact workstation that allows for fast and flexible analysis setup. Additionally, Fluent Gx Automation Workstation was introduced by Tecan Group Limited in February 2018, which is specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of clinical and regulated laboratories.

Market dynamics:

Pharmaceutical organizations focus on managing several research and development moves, further outsourcing these moves to educational and private research academies, which increase the number of new labs. This increases the need for fluid handling procedures, consequently driving the growth of the global market. Furthermore, pharmaceutical establishments mainly outsource their study to private contract research institutes (CROs) to maintain competition in the exponentially growing drug and biotechnology drug industry. For example, an Indian pharmaceutical company, Sun Pharma, had announced its intention to increase its research by investing in its laboratory unit in Madhya Pradesh. The developer of new therapeutic products, Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc., had partnered with the clinical analysis association Medpace to conduct the initial phase of two pivotal Phase 3 clinical trials for RP-G28 in lactose intolerant patients , in May 2018.

Nevertheless, mechanical fluid handling techniques are not reasonable for medical environments in emerging economies and small-scale laboratory units due to their high price, which is a major fact that is hampering the growth of the market. Moreover, the stringent manufacturing requirements for obtaining commercial clearance and market approvals by different government institutes such as the FDA and the European Commission increase the expense of these instruments. Moreover, the incorporation of information technology (IT) in laboratory discharge devices requires high manufacturing costs, which shows the high expense of these instruments. Inexpensive prospects are also available in portable structures that do not provide accurate and responsible test results. According to the report published in 2013 by the certification board A2LA and the FDA, the reversal of probes due to external aspects can cause approximately 10% errors in pipetting accuracy in reasonable automated liquid handling techniques .

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Regional outlook:

In the global automated liquid handling systems market, the North American regional market takes a larger share after that, the European market accounts for the second largest share. This happened due to the rapid expansion and release of new mechanical and robotic fluid handling workstations in 2016. Hamilton Robotics introduced the NIMBUS PCR workstation in January 2014. It is a a portable and inexpensive pipetting workstation that is used for a fast and adjustable analysis structure. for endpoint, multiplex PCR or qPCR, real-time.

Likewise, several market players in the European region had secured funding from several public and private resources to conduct cutting-edge research for the development of pharmaceuticals through advanced studies and inventions. Novartis AG has secured a US$300 million fund from life science research investor Medicxi for the expansion of pristine technology and treatments in areas ranging from diabetes administration to computerized surgery .

Additionally, biopharmaceutical companies are focusing on performing medical practice studies in the Asian market, due to manageable patient recruitment and availability of highly experienced experts to perform analytical surveys. It showed significant research growth in the regional market. Such a growth rate in the search sector had anticipated the development of the market. Just as, in March 2017, Syngene and a regional pharmaceutical company in the Indian market, had collaborated with Herbalife Company to develop their new research and development laboratory in Bangalore, India.

Competitive analysis:

Major companies working in the automated liquid handling systems market are paying attention to the latest product take-offs. Qiagen and the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) had implemented an automated next-generation DNA testing workflow in October 2017.

The major companies present in the market are Qiagen NV, Aurora Biomed, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Danaher Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Mettler-Toledo International Inc., Eppendorf AG, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., PerkinElmer , Inc., Corning, Inc., Tecan Group Ltd. and Hamilton Company.

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