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NGX Launches Improved Mobile App to Improve Market Access

Popoola said the enhanced X-mobile would provide capital market players and potential investors with the resources to further engage in the market.

He said that X-Mobile, which was first launched in 2019 in its beta state, is a dynamic and user-friendly mobile application designed to improve investor participation in the Nigerian capital market.

The boss of NGX also noted that the X-Mobile is now accessible in the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS Store.

He said it will provide market participants, especially retail investors, with convenient, faster and real-time access to information about NGX, its listed securities and trading licensees.

“The delivery of X-Mobile is in line with NGX’s strategic intention to provide an easily accessible exchange to stakeholders leveraging digital technology.

“X-Mobile therefore provides a platform to engage with existing and potential investors who now have an increased appetite for data and detailed disclosure information to help make sound investment decisions.

“We are confident that the application will complement the NGX website and other NGX portals currently used to provide information to market players,” he said.

Division Head, Trading Business, NGX, Mr. Jude Chiemeka, said, “X-Mobile affirms our commitment to making financial services more inclusive and delivering a superior customer experience in accessing and using capital.

“The application has therefore been improved to ensure that capital market participants and potential investors have the resources to get the most out of their engagement with the market.

“We believe that X-Mobile is fast becoming the primary interface for local and international investors to stay abreast of market trends and national economic performance,” he said.

NAN reports that existing X-Mobile beta users would be required to create new accounts as the app now requires a password login.

Other features that users can expect to include include the market news feed and the trading engine simulator, where they can learn or improve their trading skills.

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