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Pandemic trends in the customer experience

Clever use of channel mixing will be the differentiator. Pay attention to the evolution of the way healthcare professionals wish to receive information, segmenting approaches to recognize the different needs of different specialties, of those who are comfortable with using telehealth in practice day-to-day versus those who aren’t and ensuring that face-to-face visits are optimized for the right purpose are all part of this smart approach.

Behind all of this lie the most important resources of companies: the skills, experience and commitment of their employees. It’s their job to bring the value of each product to patients and their healthcare professionals, to use quality communication, technology, data and analytics to bring that value to life in everyday practice. Equally important to delivering a great HCP customer experience is that companies ensure they are equipped with the right tools and skills to be successful in this changing environment.

The acceleration in the use of digital engagement we’ve seen over the past twelve months has challenged pharmaceutical companies to adapt quickly, and with that speed comes a risk – a risk that, in In their haste, companies don’t pay attention to the importance of developing their people as much as they develop their methods, something that can ultimately determine success or failure.

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