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Passionpreneur Publishing announces the global release of Frontiers in Market Access

The inspiring book by Kasem S. Akhras is now available through the major players in global book distribution.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial): – Dubai, United Arab Emirates April 22, 2021 ( – Passionpreneur Publishing announced the release of Frontiers in market access by Kasem S. Akhras via the world’s largest book distribution networks in the publishing industry. The book should have an inspiring and profound effect on its target audience.

In this must-read book, author Kasem S. Akhras shares invaluable ideas, tools and techniques for mastering access to emerging markets.

Frontiers in Market Access is a groundbreaking book for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals working in emerging markets, providing them with crucial information on accessing pharmaceutical markets, how to successfully manage key market dynamics and how. gain access to emerging markets.

With detailed, easy-to-understand and practical steps to build and enhance team capabilities, develop and deliver market access solutions, and understand evolving market access models, this book helps business professionals. industry to master the personal and organizational success factors essential to become exports into market access. in emerging markets.

The book is now available to inspire readers around the world through the IngramSpark distribution network and other affiliates that will cover print on demand in UK, Europe, US, Australia, Nova Scotia. Zealand and the Middle East. The eBook is available at over 25 online bookstores including Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Nobles, and Apple Books in the Middle East.


There are very few people in the world who can discuss market access as well as Dr Akhras. His book on the subject will serve as a benchmark for many in the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.
Professor Shadi Saleh, PhD MPH
Founding Director, Global Health Institute, Professor of Health Systems and Financing, American University of Beirut

Kasem introduces the industry to the winning mindset of market access to the industry in this book based on his many years of experience. It’s a must read for leaders and new MA managers.
Dr Saif Al Jaibeji
Co-founder & President

About the Author:

Dr Kasem S. Akhras is one of the foremost experts in the market dynamics that determine the success of pricing, reimbursement and adoption of pharmaceuticals. During a career spanning over 24 years, Dr Kasem has held leadership positions in multinational companies such as Sanofi-Aventis, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Takeda, AstraZeneca and Novartis. He believes mentoring is a duty to influence future leaders in his field, is passionate about sustainable patient access to innovative medicine, and strongly believes in the power of curiosity and bold thinking to reach new heights.

About Passionpreneur Editions:

A freelance publisher, Passionpreneur Publishing successfully helps entrepreneurs and professional experts become international authors in as little as 90 days.

Passionpreneur Publishing specializes in transformational books, including books on business, self-help, personal growth, and spiritual titles, to help authors share their messages and gain credibility in their fields of work. predilection.

Passionpreneur Publishing has a board of advisors from around the world spanning a wide range of expertise in the book, publishing and media industry to ensure the application of global best practices in every service offered and to provide a global network of some of the world’s top thought leaders.

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