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Queen Sugar season 6 episode 5 review: moving through this shared depth so easily

There is a verse in the Bible that says, “Pride precedes destruction.

Well, after Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 5, it doesn’t take a prophet to predict where Ralph Angel’s pride takes him.

It will destroy everything that he worked so hard to build.

I mean it just doesn’t make sense. Ralph Angel is a smart man. He’s a good man. He knows the difference between good and bad.

Why would he never agree to steal the Landry’s?

Yet when you look at where Ralph Angel was five years ago, it’s both shocking and easy to see how he ended up in this place.

Ralph Angel was in prison for armed robbery. Remember when he left Blue on a park bench to try to rob a convenience store?

Yes, Ralph Angel has a habit of making bad choices with the best of intentions, but to see him take that dark path again is infuriating.

I know what I’m doing tonight is wrong, even if it’s for the right reasons. It’s wrong. And I probably shouldn’t be asking you that, but keep me safe tonight, please. I promise from now on that I will do well. I’m going to be the kind of man my family can be proud of. It’s my word.

ralph angel

Ralph Angel Planning a BabyMoon - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 5

Ralph Angel knows full well that what he is doing is wrong, and he knows the risks. He could end up in jail, and with his history of incarceration, there is no doubt that he could serve a serious sentence.

He could lose the farm. And more importantly, he could waste years with Darla and her children.

What is most frustrating is that none of this is necessary. There are people in this world who have no options. People who have no money and no one who can help them. It’s not Ralph Angel.

Darla has her parents’ money. She wants to contribute. She begs Ralph Angel to let her help her, but her pride doesn’t allow it.

What is macho shit? Ralph Angel and Darla are supposed to be partners, but he doesn’t allow her to help him. Then he goes behind her and makes decisions that could destroy their family.

Darla's Worried About Money - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 5

He doesn’t seem to understand that excluding Darla only stresses her out more. She needs to feel like she’s part of the solution. Ralph Angel thinks he’s protecting her, but it only causes her more fear and anxiety, only he doesn’t see it that way.

Instead, he listens to Theo.

Ralph Angel: I have family now. Kids. I need them to be proud of me.
Théo: Families respect the men who provide insurance. They don’t care how you do it as long as you do it. You smell me.

I can’t believe Ralph Angel is buying this bunch of bulls. Ralph Angel’s family respects him. They respect him because of the way he’s changed his life. They wouldn’t lose an ounce of respect for him if he asked for help.

And that’s all he has to do. Charley has more money than she knows what to do with it, and she would be happy to help. She knows the Black Farmers Alliance money is frozen in court. She would be furious to learn that someone has poisoned the farm with pesticides to ruin the crops.

Charley Decides To Cook - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 5

The farm is part of the family heritage. Ernest was also Charley’s father. She would like to save him. All Ralph Angel has to do is ask.

Ralph Angel: I have some collection work with my boy, Theo.
Darla: Theo from prison.
Ralph Angel: I was Ralph Angel from prison.

If Ralph Angel continues with this stubborn madness and doesn’t correct the course soon, he will be “Ralph Angel in prison” again.

Worse yet, he doesn’t even keep his word in this prayer to God. Ralph Angel got away with the crime. He was kept safe. You’d think he’d be grateful and honor her vow to never do it again, but that doesn’t seem like his intention.

Ralph Angel is broke. He has payday loans that are coming due. He steals to pay his bills, and now he plans to risk his freedom again so that he can take Darla to a babymoon! What’s wrong with this man?

Get Together - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

OK, my Ralph Angel rant is over. I’ll pass for now.

Nova and Billie continued to put the past behind them and rebuild their friendship, so much so that Nova gave Billie a preview for her next article.

What baffled me is that Nova has been so paranoid lately, and rightly so, about the backlash against her items that she has had a security system installed in her house. Still, she just told Dominic to come in because his front door was open.

A security system won’t save you if you don’t worry about locking your door.

Micah Needs a Friend - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 3

Micah continued his meditation and friendship with Isaiah and came to new realizations of how to face the world.

I have thought a lot about Mr. Prosper and my own experience of police abuse and what I realize, and I have to remember, that I cannot control any of this. The only thing I can control is how I respond to it.


Grasping the concept that your only real power is how you react to a situation is something that most people struggle with their entire lives.

And I love that he came home and shared that achievement with Charley. I appreciate their mother / son bond as Micah continues to become her own man.

Charley could learn a thing or two from his son.

Nova: You’re famous.
Charley: Infamous, it’s more like that. Black Twitter allows me.
Nova: Black Twitter is no joke.

Getting Comfortable in LA - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 1

If Charley runs for political office, her rekindled relationship with Davis will eventually be made public, so I understand that she wants to take control of the story and move on.

But Aunt Vi is right. What the audience feels about who she loves shouldn’t mean so much to her.

Charley: Social networks are going crazy and …
Violet: Oh, Charlie. Social media. Why do you care so much about what people think of the person you’re dating? Most of those people you don’t know by a paint bucket.
Charley: Good question and good point.

Violet might not want to borrow trouble, but she sees him creep into her marriage. She’s not blind to the way Hollywood bonded with Gabriel, and that worries her.

Violet: Are you still okay with that? Without passing on your last name or heritage?
Hollywood: Vi, the legacy is not limited to children.

Hollywood and Gabriel - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

Will Vi and Hollywood eventually get custody of Gabriel if something happens to his mother? Will they decide to welcome a child of their own? I don’t know where this story is going, but I’m intrigued.

But the most sincere moments went to Prosper and Billie.

Billie had her reason to be gone for so many years, but she’s trying hard to help take care of her father now, and as much as I love Prosper, he hasn’t made it easy for me.

Prosper doesn’t realize how badly he is criticizing Billie.

Prosper Is Smitten - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

The food she buys, the gifts she gives him. He won’t even accept a coffee maker. He calls her picking up a cookie when she was six shoplifting. I don’t think he realizes how negative he is towards her.

But it’s an opportunity for both of them to get over it all, and that hug they shared at the end was it.

Prosper: You’ve always been your own person, Billie. And sometimes it didn’t correspond to who I wanted you to be, and I was wrong for that. I hope you can forgive me for all the times I have failed you.
Billie: I love you so much, and I’m sorry for everything I’ve done that embarrassed you or made you feel like I wasn’t worthy of your love.
Prosper: You have always been worthy, and I love you so much.

So what did you think, Queen Sugar fans?

Is Ralph Angel destined to get caught with Theo? Does it make sense that he is heading down this road again?

Share a hug - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 5

Is Nova overconfident when it comes to Dominic?

Will Charley’s relationship with Davis affect his political aspirations?

And do you hope Billie stays in St. Jo’s?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button below to let us know, then check back for our next Queen Sugar review.

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