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RQD* Clearing partners with valuable capital to provide US market access and clearing solutions to over one million Asia-based retail investors

Next-gen clearing company is also collaborating on the development of a retail app in the US

New York, New York, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RQD* Clearing (RQD), a next-generation correspondent clearing provider, today announced that it has partnered with Valuable Capital Securities (Valuable), the US broker-dealer subsidiary of Valuable Capital Ltd., based in Hong Kong. The partnership enables execution and clearing services in US markets for the more than one million retail investor clients currently served by Valuable Capital Ltd. throughout Asia-Pacific. Valuable is backed by Sina Corporation, one of China’s largest tech companies and owner of Weibo.

RQD has also collaborated with Valuable to develop and launch its new US-based trading application, Tickrs. While the Valuable development team built the front-end trading functionality, the RQD team handled all of the back-end development, market access setup, money movement, clearing, rules and more. Throughout development, RQD’s modern cloud-based technology stack enabled highly customized work and extreme stress testing through its unique UAT-mirrored production environment.

“Working with a modern company like RQD is the only way we could have achieved this,” explained Kevin Murphy, CEO of Valuable. “It’s extremely rare to find a partner like RQD who understands technology as much as they understand clearing – these companies simply don’t exist, at least not before RQD launched.

“We are also very deliberate in our approach to technology development at Valuable,” Murphy continued. “While speed to market is of course important, the quality and reliability of the end product is paramount for everything else. Because RQD works with the latest technologies, they are more nimble and can work with our custom requirements in ways that others simply cannot.

The RQD works with each of its clients in a very concrete and tailor-made way, optimizing their approach according to the diversified requirements of each institution. RQD’s collective knowledge and experience of the market enables it to work closely with its clients, offering advice and expertise in areas that others do not. For example, RQD began its engagement with Valuable Capital when the firm initiated a new FINRA membership application for its US brokerage subsidiary, long before technology work began on the US trading app. In doing so, the two companies were in close cooperation from day one.

“The synergies with Valuable are countless,” said Nicolas Louis, RQD’s Chief Operating Officer. “As new players in the market, both companies are taking a technology-driven approach. At the same time, both teams are made up of experts and veterans from all markets, with particular expertise in clearing. Because of these synergies, the problems that arise with similar partnerships simply did not exist. So far the work has been streamlined, efficient and extremely efficient, and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship based on this rock solid foundation.

Since launch of its clearing activity At the end of 2021, RQD onboarded a number of brokers to its cloud-based clearing platform, ranging from new entrants such as Valuable to a host of established companies in the US and overseas.

As a next-generation correspondent clearing house, RQD offers an advanced suite of clearing, custody and execution solutions for broker-dealers serving retail, institutional and active traders, as well as foreign financial institutions and securities firms. proprietary trading. The company offers the industry’s first clearing platform entirely based on real-time, cloud-native technology. The RQD platform supports US stocks, options and ETFs, and has three main components – clearing, custody and execution services – all of which are accessible through an advanced API.

RQD* Clearing, LLC is registered with the SEC, is a member of FINRA, OCC, DTC and NSCC and is a member of all major US exchanges and options markets.

About RQD compensation*

RQD* Clearing is a next-generation correspondent clearing services provider, offering advanced clearing, custody and execution solutions designed for modern markets. With the industry’s first solution built entirely on real-time, cloud-native technology, the company can quickly and seamlessly improve the platform, mitigate emerging cybersecurity threats, and deliver a more effective implementation that scales to as customers grow. Supporting US stocks, options and ETFs, RQD targets broker-dealers who serve retail, institutional and asset traders, foreign financial institutions and proprietary trading firms. For more information, visit

About Valuable Capital Securities

Valuable is a forward-thinking, technology-driven financial services company that strives to provide the best platforms and products to investors in the United States and around the world. Valuable’s management team averages over 20 years of experience in the securities industry, offering deep knowledge and expertise in brokerage operations, securities, clearing and investing. This industry know-how, combined with its forward-thinking technological approach, ensures the delivery of a high-quality financial experience to its clients.

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