Market dynamics

Smart Home Market Dynamics Report

As the smart home market continues to grow, there is still some speculation about which devices and systems will proliferate the most and why. As product developers grapple with issues related to connectivity, installation, interoperability and cybersecurity, smart home technologies can offer huge economic gains if you know where and how to grasp them. the best.

Omdia has developed scenarios to describe plausible futures of the market over the next decade. These are intended to help you prepare for the future and test your product development strategies. Their “Smart Home Market Dynamics Report” identifies growth opportunities, factors influencing technology adoption, and what it will take to lower the barrier of entry for in-home deployments.

Composed by Blake Kozak of Omdia, Senior Senior Analyst, Smart Home, this report shares an unbiased and forward-looking view of the smart home market and the devices it contains.

  • Four market scenarios – Study the forecast of declining, stable, low growth, high growth smart home adoption and megatrends that may have a negative or favorable impact on the trajectory.
  • Situational analysis – Explore the severity, urgency and potential analysis of eighteen unique smart home device applications.
  • Change / benefit analyzes – Find out where device makers can deliver the highest value to consumers through smart home devices with minimal disruption.
  • Best material segments – Think about the best smart home markets for Matter devices over the next 10 years.
  • Shipping data – Access historical import and export data for many smart home devices to get an idea of ​​revenue trends.