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US companies frequently raise issues such as market access, high tariffs in India: USTR

NEW DELHI: US Trade Representative Katherine Tai on Monday said she intended to “make progress” on issues raised by US businesses “very frequently”, including restrictions on market access, high tariffs and restrictive digital trade measures during his visit to India.
Tai, who is here on a two-day visit to revive the Trade Policy Forum (TPF), said these issues will be at the top of “my list as long as I’m here.”
There is huge potential for growth between the two economies in areas such as digital economy services, health-related trade and agriculture, Tai said during his speech at the India-States Trade Policy Forum. -Unis 2021 here.
She also expressed her belief that relaunching the TPF can help trade relations keep pace with other important aspects of the US-India partnership.
The trade relationship between our two countries is a top priority for both President Biden and me, which is why it was important for me to come to India and revive the Trade Policy Forum on my first trip to Asia. .
“As USTR, we hear very frequently from our stakeholders, who are quick to address issues that will be familiar to those of you involved in the transport of goods and services between our two countries. Market access restrictions, high tariffs, unpredictable regulatory requirements, restrictive digital These are issues we intend to move forward on and they will be high on my list as long as I’m here, Tai said.
The USTR added that it looks forward to discussing ways to improve collaboration on worker-centered policies that can benefit the trade relationship between the two countries.
“(US) President (Joe) Biden and I believe that US trade policy requires fundamental change to ensure that our policies and actions focus on the impact that trade and trade agreements have on people. real workers, which in part means engaging in new with all of you and my colleagues in the Indian government to link trade more directly to workers, ”she said.
India and the United States, she said, also face common challenges in areas such as climate change and sustainability, vulnerable supply chains and the promotion of leading principles and structures. to the market.
“These are the areas that require closer collaboration now,” she said, adding that the United States was determined to ensure that the India-United States trade partnership is both strong and sustainable.
“We have work to do and the first step is to relaunch the TPF tomorrow morning (November 23). Achieving results and further integrating our economies will require a concerted effort from our two governments, business, civil society. , of our people, who are both workers and consumers, ”she said.